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radio talk show

Expert Advice on How to Start a Successful Radio Talk Show

Do you have something valuable to say that an audience would love? We explain how to start a successful radio talk show here.

How To Save Top 40 Post-Pandemic and Reignite The Flame

Innovate… Differentiate… or Disintegrate By Jason Kidd – President/CEO of New Generation Radio and This last year has been challenging for CHR and radio in general, to say the

Programming Tips for Radio Stations

Do you run a radio station and want to take step it up a notch? Are you planning to increase your fanbase and get more listeners? If so, then you
radio show

What Makes A Successful Radio Show

Thinking about starting your own radio show? Today, it’s easier than ever to start a radio show. There are certainly perks to doing so.  There’s no better way to express
best mic for beginners

The Best Mic for Beginners at Your Station: What to look for

Microphones are the most essential pieces of equipment for a radio station. After all, you can expect anybody to listen to you if you are not able to provide high-quality
radio show ideas

9 Creative Radio Show Ideas for Right Now

You turn off the radio, frustrated. It all seems to be the same old thing. You want to hear something new and interesting, or at least a new spin on