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hosting tips

Hosting Tips: 5 Tips To Keep Your Audience Engaged

Did you know that Howard Stern is one of the richest radio hosts of all time? If you just started a radio show or have had one for some time,
radio dj

The Art of Being a Radio DJ: How You Can Succeed on the Airwaves

Video hasn’t killed the radio star! Nearly 25,000 Americans work as broadcast announcers and radio DJs. Their mean annual wage is $56,110. If you want a lucrative way to make
radio station names

How to Find the Best Radio Station Names

Did you know that more than 71.2 million adults aged 18-34 listen to the radio every month? Radio is still popular despite the myth that it’s losing popularity  from streaming services and podcasts. Don’t
radio marketing

3 Radio Marketing Tips to Broadcast Your Station’s Brand

If a tree falls in the forest but there’s nobody there to hear it… does it make a sound? In the same vein, if a radio station is producing top-quality
history of the radio

On Air: The Thrilling History of the Radio Industry

We all know the lyrics: “video killed the radio star.” But even today, that is not true. The radio is still the top-reach medium in the U.S., with 92 percent
radio station equipment

A Quick Guide to Radio Station Equipment

The radio industry as we know it today got its start all the way back in 1919. Every successful radio station since then has had a common denominator that led