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Video hasn’t killed the radio star! Nearly 25,000 Americans work as broadcast announcers and radio DJs. Their mean annual wage is $56,110.

If you want a lucrative way to make money in the music industry, you should become a radio DJ. But you can’t sit down in front of a mic and expect to be successful. You need to know a few tips first. 

What do radio DJs need to know? How can you come off as interesting and compassionate? What vocal techniques should you use while you are on the air? 

Answer these questions and you can become a successful radio DJ in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Know Your Music

As you might imagine, successful radio DJs know a lot about music. You can specialize in a particular genre of music like pop, or you can focus on a specific artist or time period. Whatever you choose to talk about, you should know everything about it.

Listen to the radio stations in your area and see how they cover your subject. Then think about ways you can present that material in a refreshing way.

Understand Your Listener

You should know as much about your listener as you do about your music. You should know why they listen to you and what they are looking for from you. Some listeners like to hear commentary about music while others just want to listen to the music. 

You can run surveys or ask employees at your radio station about your listeners. You can also ask for advice on how to be a radio DJ

Try to find work as an on-air radio DJ at a station you are a fan of. This lets you use your knowledge of the station to enhance your career.

Create a Connection 

Listeners want to feel like their radio DJs know them and care about them. While you talk, try to project your voice so you are easy to listen to.

Modulate your voice to underscore things you are saying. When you are talking about a sensitive issue, you can soften your tone and speak a little slower. Don’t say things like “you all,” which can make you seem disconnected from your audience.

However, you don’t want to strain your voice too much. Take care of your voice by resting it during the day and drinking plenty of water.

Show Your Personality

An easy way to be yourself while you are on DJ radio is to talk about your connections to the music you are playing. You can mention what your favorite songs are and where you heard songs for the first time. 

Let your enthusiasm be clear and obvious. Feel free to laugh and make references that only die-hard fans would know.

But you don’t have to be gregarious if you don’t want to. You can be more deadpan, or you can avoid telling jokes entirely.

Become a Phenomenal Radio DJ

To be a great radio DJ, you must master a few things. You need to know a lot about the music you are presenting on air, not just your favorite tracks. You need to empathize with your listener and give them content they will like. 

You must do interesting things with your voice, like changing your pitch. Yet you must protect your voice and take breaks from speaking. The most important thing is to be yourself and seem enthusiastic about your material.

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