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Do you want your voice heard? Go on air and reach lots of listeners!

About 90% of Americans over the age of 12 still tune in to radio waves each week. This makes radio a great place to build your career. 

With a great idea and solid effort, you can make your dream a reality. Read on to learn five tips for success in becoming a radio show host!

1. Stick To Your Niche

A good radio show creates a specific niche and sticks to it. Everything, including discussion topics, on-air guests, music, and radio advertisements relates to this niche.

This may sound limiting. But people listen in because you caught their interest. If you drastically switch up the show every week, you will lose a lot of listeners.

Don’t worry. You can come up with endless topics within one niche.

2. Speak To Your Target Market

Like with brand advertising, radio shows develop a target market. Do the research to learn who yours is for your niche.

Speak to your target market whenever you go on air, and don’t worry about everybody else. Not everybody will love you. In fact, some might despise you. But if your radio station pleases a specific target market, then you nailed it.

3. Stay Current

The thing that wows your listeners today may bore them tomorrow. This has to do with the biology of our brains.

When we experience something new, the brain floods with a neurotransmitter called dopamine. This activates the reward center and makes people feel good.

Your radio show depends on this. Even sharing negative news can trigger pleasure centers, which is why tabloids remain popular. 

Watch current news pertaining to your niche and actually go out in your community. Let your listeners in on the who, what, where, when, and why of today.

4. Be Unapologetically You

Let your personality shine through on air. Do not try to act cool or like somebody you’re not.

People will smell out a fake and discard them. Your listeners will appreciate authenticity.

They want to know your quarks show after show. In the radio industry, they cannot see what you look like, so they might know you deeper than a pretty face on television.

As your voice and personality become familiar, listeners will feel like they know you. This familiarity builds loyalty.

5. Get Excited About Life

People love passion. They will want to listen to you if you sound excited about life.

The best way to do this is to talk with enthusiasm. Choose to talk about topics that light your fire.

Go even deeper by practicing genuine enthusiasm in your everyday life. Look at the world like a child again. Go into everything as if it’s an experiment, and revel in the wonders of it all. Living this way will shine through in your show.

Become a Radio Show Host

Don’t sit on your dream and simply think about broadcasting your ideas to avid listeners. Take active steps to become a radio show host!

We help talent reach its full potential. Contact us to get started.

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